Thursday, February 26, 2004


Muse, Sing to me a story that DOESnt involve first aid or catastrophies that occued to you or your family, trophies, or objections. Sera's almost over, I have no clue what to write. Well, I do but I have no time. I'll post when I get home, which'll be when my mom pays our downstairs phone bill so they'll reconnect the line...

Lots of my friends have so many issues surrounding them. I've been entrusted with many secrets, too many to count, and I feel bad cuz I have none to share. Ah, the life of a teenage high-schooler...

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Winding Down Upside Down

I have no clue where that title came from. Anywho, February is so crazy!!!!!! I have mock trial competetion next week, our last debate was today, and all the while Drama practices roll on without me there! This is one of the toughest months of my school career...and golf's starting up soon, and still no physical for that...

Well, looks like it's time for the DEBATE SEASON IN RETROSPECT
--Time for looking back on the fun funness of something that ended

- "Yea, um, see the Negative didnt understand our plan this entire debate...see this is what our plan is really doing..."

- "You cant tax porn! IT isnt stable enough!!!"

- "Pay to play..."

- "...where are the farmers' compensation? They work hard to make ends meet..."

- "PWC's are small range...they dont handle the entire ocean!"

- "This is a two-pronged plan..."

- "These 'bottom trawlers' dig up the complex habitats of these fish..."

- "...We LOST to Cumberland???? What is this Finding Nemo???"

- "Alec, I know this'll sound strange but, you're cute!"

- "R-I-C-C-I-U-T-I, not UI..."

- "The Affirmative has a really good plan. It gets harder and harder to do our job every week to find problems with their plan."

- "God, Emily and Zach still aren't done!?!"

- "What the hell? You guys won...what're you talking about?"

- "Ok we're leaving, cuz they dont treat the bus driver!"

- "20 Tacos!!?!?!?"

That's pretty much it more or less. So unless you're quitting *ahem ahem* We'll all be "please opting for the" whatever side next year. See ya all then!!!...all three of you...

"High five for you number 60!"

Zach and I walked around the school looking for my blazer jacket. Here's the story of me and my blazer jacket.

2:10 rolls around. Me and my debate peeps be out of Baker's class early cuz we fool da old woman like dat. So me and my boy Zach go to talk to ma teach Kuhar to see if I lef it in her class cuz thats just what I be doin sometimes. So we go to her room and the woman's lights are out and the door is locked tighter than...anyways...We usually would rob the joint but seeing as my blazer jacket wasn't there, we be out. We go to the lost and found and get redirected to the Media Centa thanks to Ms Muzzoni whos just standin out in the hallway. We go to da Centa and haf a nice talk wit Koziol, ma old teach before Kuhar. We go in da Centa and see Ms Kuhar.
So I'm all like, "Ms, you see a jacket in your room?"
She's all like, "No, I usually see that (sh**) in my room. Did you check the lost and found or your locker?"
Den it hit me. I lef the thing back up in ma lock'r wit my debate books and dem johns. So me and my boy be out da Centa and we serve Koziol again and den we be goin to my lock and bam dere's my jacket like the white woman said. I got served. She played me.

K well, dis off-white kid be out. Peace ya'll. Adios G's!!!!


PS - Alec dawg, your parties be fly too. Oh god, I gotta stop that. Ok, anyways, your parties are good too but just coming off off one of Emily's, I went all Joe/Philosophical mushy gushy-like and had to say somethin....and if Microsoft could make a console in the 1st place, u wouldnt need a new X Box......::twiddles thumbs and snuggles with his nice small purple piece of gold:: Wait. Why am I snuggling it while I can be playing FFCC? Get to work machine!

Monday, February 16, 2004

Emily's parties

This post is about Emily's Parties. I have to say something and I think it needs to be said. I recently attended a movie party and I experienced this occurance again, so here goes.

Whenever Emily has a party, regardless of who's there, who isnt there, what the occasion is, etc. I get this warm fuzzy feeling inside. I'm usually ready to fall asleep right there on the floor, but eventually the night must end. That makes me sad. I always want to call my parents so I can stay just an hour or two longer, with the people that make me feel so safe and warm :) Why in the world did I just write that? Well I think I needed to say it to encourage Emily to THROW MORE PARTIES I CAN COME TO!!!! J/k. But to let you all (or ya'll if you're at NYLC) know that you make me feel special and good (and funny if you laugh at my jokes). I just never want the night to end, and I especially never want to leave.

How does Emily manage to throw the perfect parties everytime? My theory is that she has a second brain in that bun in her hair. I must give thanks to John and Zach for helping me come to this conclusion, but I believe she has a knack for social gatherings and it's all thanks to the bun...

Oh, one last thing. If you're at Emily's parties, please dont abuse the furniture by ramming your head into it. Thank you.

Now CYA while I play with my Bayblade.

PS - I havent posted cuz I've been well the term isnt my life on Final Fantasy Cyrstal Chronicles for the past two days. The game is gold, regardless of what Ryan C says. IT's pure fun in a can, or minidisc and the multiplayer ability is a bonus, not a huge factor of the game itself.

Friday, February 13, 2004

It's been a while

Since I last posted...

Wow NYLC. What can I say? I met so many people from so many places. IT was crazy. I cant post about it, I just cant describe what an experience that was.

But what I CAN post about is how much this semester sucks! In the last four days, I've had more work than last Semester. The tag-team of Kuhar and Baker is just craziness. Let's go over my teachers for this Semester.

Ms. Kuhar - If someone took Mrs. Bitters and Mr. Koziol and put them in a blender, the result would be Ms. Kuhar. She's peppy but quirky at the same time. She keeps things interesting and any teacher who gives me candy gets a thumbs up in my book.

Mr. Schwertzler- Schwertzler is one of those Gym Teachers who could care less about teaching health. It's so obvious he'd rather just be back in Gym handing out 88's again. He'll have conversations with the kids in our class instead of teaching and those Health movies are a joke. "NO BREATHING, HAS PULSE, CALL E M S."

Mr. Jones - IS it possible for your teacher to hate you four days into the course? Yes. It can be done. He's ready to call my house already. 451-1231. Hee hee. I wanna see where he gets with that number.

Ms. Baker- WHY'D MRS GABLE HAVE TO RETIRE!?!?! This woman just learned Latin 4 on an Internet Course and it's obvious. I just cannot take it. She's crazy with the amount of work we have to do. And she just assumes we're learning things. Try learning how to memorize latin lines, do scantions, memorize declensions, and translate that darn Aeneid all at the same time! Woman's nutzo. I think we're gonna have some fun times in that class. I'm reaching my boiling point. Oh, and Emily, can you cry 5 days in a row????

So there you have it. MY rotten semester. The only break is Lunch, which my lunch table have already been told we should die. Nice huh? Jerkoffs in this world. Cant wait til they're all working for me. Makes it that much easier to fire each and every one of them. Heh heh heh.

Oh, I dunno if you guys knew or not but the girls B-Ball team got in a bus accident Friday afternoon. Yup, another f-in accident. Everyone's ok, according to Joe, and thats a good thing.

So let's run through the catastrophes of this year:

1) Bus company drops us. Pick up lowest bidder.

2) Massive Gang fight, Gun threat sends about 100 kids home and postpones Back to School dance.

3) Bus accident involving the Girls Tennis Team.

4) Fall Play cancelled.

5) Shown anti-violence movie, 2 consecutive bomb threats close school.

6) Rules amped up to banning all cell phones, outlawing jackets, and requiring daily ID check.

7) Bell system breaks, downgraded to Fisher Price Drum Set

8) Bus accident with Girls Basketball Team.

I keep feeling like I left something out. Well, If anyone else has anything, tell me. What a great school year it's been huh? And just when I was used to blackouts being the biggest catastrophe ever.