Monday, March 29, 2004

Monday Really?

Wow, is it really Monday? I dunno what planets are alligned in what way, but I'm in an overall better mood than I really should be for a Monday. It seems I'm not the only one who's having a better week than last.

Well, it's out with the old and in with the new. Happiness has overcome sadness and loss, much like this happy post replaces the last one. Thanx again for bein there for me you guys. *tear tear*.

Ok all mushyness aside and moving right along...Wow, no Baker today. Wow no control today. Wow a crapload of work to do that didnt get done today. Did I really go and get two water bottles 4th Block from C com with a passbook that wasnt mine, no ID, and by simply telling the sub I was getting a drink? Yes I suppose I did. THanx for the thirty, Zach. Someday, I'll pay you back all the money you gave me...just lemme save up about a mil...

Maybe it's because my Nintendo Power came in yesterday. Thats why everyones in such a good mood. Yeah, that's it.

I'm gonna e-mail this StrongBad guy I keep hearin about. I think if Ryan asked him one of his asinine questions, he'd probably respond to him.'s move on.

Play's done. Play was good. Play was fun. People enjoyed.....MOST people enjoyed play. I really liked it, except I was the worst one in the show. ...and I felt stupid when I fell down behind that flat. Ok, guys, klunky boots, and dresses dont mix, I'm sorry.

Eyeliner is aggravating.

Never let CRHS Drama kids do Who's Line is it Anyway, it's rarely funny, more insulting I believe.

Get those keys back to your mom, Allison? Shame on you.'s move on again.

I liked the Lion King 1 1/2, ok yes, I'm a geek. But it was pretty funny.

Men, be careful who you say "shut up" to, your wife is not a good choice.

The kids on the bus were talking about sex all the way home, they were obviously having a good Monday too. I'm sorry "Candy", they were talking about "candy".

Hop, Skip, Jump!

Did anyone else hear a song from the play on the 3rd Block Bell...maybe I'm just crazy...

Does anyone really read this besides Alec?

I didnt eat my entire lunch today, I just wasnt hungry. I dunno what happened, cuz I didnt have breakfast this morning. I was too distracted to eat, lol. Wish I had those bits of cookie and fries about now thou...

Shouldnt I be at golf right now? Too cold.

Where'd this YuGiOh Xbox game come from?

Where'd this Classic NES GBA SP come from? Yes thats 8 abbreviated letters. Lets write out the entire name, Classic Nintendo Entertainment System Game Boy Advance Super Powered. Nah, I made the Super Powered part up, to this day no one knows what SP stands for...

Why wasnt NES GBA SP in my Nintendo Power?

When am I going to get a new video game?.....hold up, how far away is my birthday again?

Where'd all my money go!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

Wah! Im broke!

Ok, well I have all these beautiful Final Fantasy Charts and I want to try them out. God Save the Queen, lol.

Pointless Statement of the Day
"Give the Real Reason Hollis came back to CRHS from College..." "....How many of you girls out there are freshman?"

CYA peons

.....haha you're peons.....cuz I pe-on you....hahahahahahaha.

Monday, March 22, 2004


I dunno how to describe how I feel now. Uncomfortable, would probably be the best word. I lost my cousin in a car accident last night. It was a really strange night, starting with the fact that I was called to come home from Zach's house. They dropped me off and I thought something was up, but I never thought that.

I suspected my Grandpa, which I was ready and prepared for, because he hasnt been feeling well lately. But not, Rochelle, she was only in college. I dunno what to do anymore. My parents were gone all last night, and Zach was nice enough to visit for a while and we played Gamecube, but I eventually put myself to bed. When I'm by myself, or alone to think about it is when I feel the worse, I'd personally rather be in school or around people to help me clear my mind.

Well, thats life here. I just needed to write down my thoughts. This post isnt meant to be depressing or funny, I just needed to feel. I'm too lost to think straight anymore. I dunno if Im sad, I dunno if I'm over it, I dont really feel anything. I'm trying as hard as I can to stay happy, stay the same. I only hope that the funeral isnt this week, I really dont want to miss it.

Hold your Loved Ones


Monday, March 15, 2004

Sanity Slipping

"Hey Jude, dont make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better..."

Hi there, hey there, ho there blogsters! Well, I figured I'd get one good post in before Model (almost typed Noodle) Congress sets in and looming in the shadows like some great demon is "Hell Week...of DOOM" (props to John for the "of doom"). I can feel what little sanity, what little structure I have, slipping away. Sure I can swat at it all I want but in the end, it doesnt even matter.

"...Dont let it get under your skin, and then you'll begin, to make it better..."

Well Kuhar's class started off mildly entertaining when she expertly yanked a pair of lesbians outta the hallway. "I dont think I can read right again." Hmm, a brilliant cover-up....ANYway, I just love it how quizzes materialize out of thin air. I know my memory is horrendous. I have no long term, short term, or term memory (part of the reason why my Latin grade is so poor), but I do know, that there was no quiz on that board on Friday. Now am I the only one who thinks it woulda been beneficial if she had posted it then, with all of us supposively getting packed for Model Congress tonight? (Haha funny story about that and my mother, but I'll get there later).

I think we find it very amusing to either hear/see each other when we are half awake in the morning. This reminds me of the instance when I recieved a cell phone call at about 9 o clock on a Saturday morning, and was unable to construct entire sentences at that time of day let alone carry on a conversation. Anyway, seeing people in the hallway before first block who arent fully awake is quite amusing indeed. I say, these people would be very easy to take advantage of because they are in such a clueless state. Perhaps the next time I come across such a poor soul, I'll tell them they owe me money or something, haha.

In Gym, I was NOT late today like I was Thursday, thanks to some unmentioned PEOPLE!!!! Floor Hockey is kind of fun, but I'm terrible at it. I'm just not that aggressive a person when it comes to sports. If they want the ball that bad, they can have it, just do me little-to-no physical harm. I believe some people enjoy to be a little too competetive in there, lol, and perhaps I'm not the best or most worthy adversary.

SERA was funny. Some girl came into D412 and sat next to me. Now this girl, I've seen before and it's safe to say she isnt the most scholarly. So I was messing around online, typin stuff and Joe was sitting on my other side and this girl looks at my screen and says, "Dag, you type fast. Type this for me." I look at her like 'whaddya nuts? Im not doin your homework.' but instead I say " I really am a horrible typer, look." I show her a new screen with barely any writing on it and point to Joe. "Look he can type a lot faster, he'll do it." SO, long story short, Joe types this girls paper for her, lol. How sweet. For the rest of SERA I typed a 2 letters a minute, just to prove my point.

Lunch is always fun. Though I have no real memory of it. Um, I do remember being made fun of for leaving pieces of cookie on my plate. I dunno why I do it, and I do it often, my excuse at the time was cuz its the hardest part of the cookie, the edge, but I think its all outta habit really. I say, Im a bloody idiot sometimes.

"Well I was saying goodbye." Lol. I surprised Courtney didnt have more to say, perhaps she did. You know she's just jealous cuz you have something she never will.

In Jones we diligently yeah all day. He gave us a free day....eventually so Zach and I deuled of course. These deuls remind me of Tony and I and I feel bad that he's missin out on all this fun. Ah well, perhaps this summer we'll deul again.

Latin, oh boy, my fun fun subject of the day. "I suppose we're back to being 'not-friends' again?" Ms. Baker asks me. Heh, not friends? You give me one week without your silly pointless scansions, translations, figures of speech, verb tenses, and noun cases and sure I'll be your friend. Heck I'll even find you a bachelor...or at least one of those girls Kuhar busted in the hallway today...Lol, the funniest moment of Latin today was the 4 or 5 binders who simultanously hit the floor in a massive protest movement started by John today. She looked at us like, 'What is goin on?' Civil disobedience woman, get used to it. Dictator Baker, you push the people, you WILL get pushed back. "John got hit by Mary." "Harry got hit by me." And then she physicaly hit me. Thats Harassment and a half...

Drama, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, can you feel it???????????????????????????????

HELL WEEK IS A COMING......A COMING.......A COMING. Man, I'm enjoying sleep now, while I still know what it is. I'm enjoying my motor skills now, while I still have them. I enjoying practices in peace, while they still exist. Tension is mounting, I feel like I'm on some friggin reality show. "Drama, whos going to be the next to crash? Find out on the next exciting episode of...Drama! Seacrest out!"

T minus - One Week and counting and my "Man's PMS" that I stress does not exist, will come around. One week from now, I will be three hours away from going home from Drama practice, from home, from freedom, and from sleep. Lol.

Oh well, at least Becky will be there. Lol, j/k John.

Model Congress. Hoo boy. I told my mom at about 6:30 tonight that luggage was due tomorrow.

"Yeah, mom, my luggage needs to be in at the school tomorrow."
"Yeah, didnt you know?" (I already knew the answer to this one)
"NO! When were you gonna tell me!?!?!"
"Well, I figured you knew."

***Handed her the 'Last minute details' paper***

"This is all I have. 'Luggage Search, 3/16 Bags.' It says nothing about having your bags to school."
"Mother, where do you think they're doing the search. Here at our house?"
"........Well you still coulda told me!"
"I thought you knew!!!!!!!!! You had the Permission slip!"

***Mother Goes into bathroom for 5 min***

"...That was very rude of you, telling me now."
"Well obviously, there's nothing we can do about it now. Arguing just takes up more time."
"Im going bowling...when I get back I want this, this, this, blah, blah, blah..."

***By this point I was watching TV over her head.***

"What was that mom?"

***I tried to focus, this time, really I did.***

"You have to get this, underwear, blah, this, blah blah, this this that,.........on the couch by the time I get home. Something something, cosmetic bag.....something.....blah blah blah....."

***I zoned out again.***

And so, that was our Model Congress..."disagreement". She wasnt happy about her mistake. Tsk Tsk. Well sry this post is so long, but I had an eventful day. My Daddy bought more milk so I can have some Chocolate Milk again. Yay!!! IT's Miler Time! I mean NesQuik time! Great now I'm gonna have beer ads all over my blog...

Hope this gets me up from my B+ condition. Ive seen too many B's for my liking lately...

-CYA ya bunch of wild Indians

Sunday, March 14, 2004

A Flicker of Happiness

Well in times of misery and darkness comes times of light. If this was not true, I believe many people would have committed suicide by now...But anyways, yesterday (Saturday) was one of the best days of my life. It was somewhat simple, but all thoughts of school, stress, pressure, etc. disappeared from my head yesterday.
It started with my wonderful world of Saturday Morning Cartoons. Of course, Yu-Gi-Oh was a rerun but that did not put a damper on my day. It gave me more time to plan the rest of my day.
Next I went golfing. Granted I didnt play the best out there, and it was really cold, I still had a very relaxing and enjoyable time. Some thoughts of school did return to my head then ("Think Ms Baker, think Ms. Baker.....My God! That was one of my best drives yet!") but they were for the better. I limped the whole day, due to my injuries from fist fights that Caitlin started.....ahem....., but I survived. Due to the trauma I recieved, my shots were a little off the entire day, so thank you Caitlin. All I know is I'm gonna play hold number nine with a hacksaw next time, those trees....oooooohhhh...Im gonna invent a ball that extends blades in flight....oh yea....
My evening was the greatest. There was a slight change of plans from what I thought I'd be doing that night but everything worked out for the better. "I say, you sir are nothing more than a....than a....RAT!"

"Ok guys this is for par..."
What little times I did say this, I three-putted. 'Nuff said.

MY weekend was one of the best I've had in a long time. My parents were in a surprisingly better mood than I expected out of them but they'll surprise even me sometimes.for golfing hideously two days in a row, Im still rather positive and for freezing my butt off in front of an acme all day, this weekend was still really great.

When something happens down the road, and this is destined to come, that makes me sad, angry, or upset, I'm going to look back on this weekend, and try to cover the sadness with it, or at least use this weekend to mask my feelings and give the illusion that I'm happy, which is equally as hard to do, but some people are quite good at it.

"Some locked doors wont open with keys, and then you have to pry."


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Woah two posts in one day

Well, I'm back. Back online, back to being funny, witty, happy Harry. Soon, Speedy's Bloggy will return to its former greatness, I promise. You may be wondering why dont I just start up again now? Well, I have some things on my mind that I need to express, and where better to express them than in a place for the world to see?

Back to that secrets thing, I suppose if I share my thoughts or my current feelings, this is my way of repaying those who honor me with their trust. But once agian, because I openly express myself often, I have little to keep inside or secretive...

Well, it seems to me that a lot of people around me have been a tad down lately. I try to offer my words of help, but usually it doesnt help very much, I'm not the person I'm trying to help. I have no idea what they've done, where they've been, or what they've been through in the time before I met them in CRHS. Why, then do I even try to help? Why should I try to make everyone happy, either through humor or by talking? I dunno, I hope I'm making some kind of sense, if not, well this is helping me in just writing this down. I might get yelled at later for this because people may feel targeted by this post but in all honestly, I mean this to everyone. I really care about you guys. When you're down, I feel sad too. But what I dont understand is why I always want to help, if there's barely anything I can do to help...and why does that always make me upset...that feeling of helplessness?
I suppose it started on Sept 11, when I got so mad and upset watching the TV and I asked my Dad how he could stay so calm. He told me there was nothing he could do about the situation, so there was no point in being upset. He had a point, but ever since then, I hate feeling helpless, especially when people I care for, my friends' feelings are what I can't seem to affect in any way.
Al, I suppose you're dissappointed in me again, because now that I can go online, I waste it on this sensitive gibberish, but please have patience, I needed to get this offa my chest after today.
Like I said before, this isnt targeted at anyone so I hope no one takes offense to any of this. I'm merely commenting or asking myself why I get so angry or frustrated when I cant help or affect people's emotions...I dunno, maybe this Latin and Ms Baker is getting to my head...
Thanks for readin all this, if you did. It means ya really care and that means a lot to me. Cya.
*tear* *tear* I'm sorry Al and all my fellow readers, I havent been in my Captain's chair recently at home and the creative magic has fizzeled from here at school. I'll be back soon, I'll check and see if the line's re-connected tonight.

Meanwhile.....Enjoy this.

POINTLESS STATEMENT OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Ms. Kuhar, you use the nominator..."
--me (unfortunately)

WHEN I RETURN...I promise
- stories from jail (CRHJ) and the golf course
- fantastical one-liners
- My exciting HSPA experience!!!
- And much much more
Only send me 3 payments of $19.99 S+H not included...

Model Congress
Golf Season
Lincoln Douglass Debate

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