Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Well now if I can get this thing to post, I'll have a nice update on here...I'm trying Allison's rather genius idea to write this all on word first and then transfer it. No im's from random people locking up my computer...

Honestly, Im about to do a regression to model the decay of this computer over the thirty years it's been in use. Let x = 0 for 1970...Ill get back to my computer later...Now, for the greetings.

Hi everyone! How are all of you? Good.

Well, let's see what's been goin on wit me this past week...

If you havent already seen my beautiful financial chart, then you dont know that my family is in....what can I put here...acute financial distress after heavy spending. This could mean no braces for a while.

Here's something that probably doesnt help my situation. Im in a fight with the one person who has supported my desire for braces, my wonderful mother. Yes, good ol' mumsy and I had a disagreement after golf practice yesterday. You see, she insisted that she take me to her work at a night skool because we got out of practice too late. It was about 5:50 when we got outta practice, 20 minutes later than the time practice is supposed to end. Reason being, I was hitting some of the best golf shots of my life and I have had enough of just picking up my ball and walking the rest of the course. If I want to get an average, if I really want to get any better, Im going to have to start playing the entire front nine (or first nine holes of the course, for those of you who dont speak golf). Because we were one of the last groups on the course, Al and I were forced to come in at 5:50, instead of my mother's preferred 5:30.

Well, on the way to her work which I highly did not want to go to (for it means I would be home at about 9:00 to finish my homework), I fell asleep....and stayed asleep the whole time. Somehow, this infuriated her, for I suppose her punishment of making me come with her did not work. She asked me to order a Pizza Steak sub and held out her phone, on the way home, and I waited for her to finish listing the other things she wanted to order but she snapped.

Finally, we ended up at the grocery store buying canned Lasagna as my punishment for not taking the phone from her. Of course she made my entire family eat canned food, and told them it was my fault for the entire fiasco.

So yes, other than that I am fine. Luckily everything at skool seems to be ok...or I'd be losing what little...very little...sanity I have left.

Ive heard it said, that someone would rather be at home, or actually anywhere else besides skool. I feel exactly the opposite. I'd rather be anywhere else but home, preferably skool. Now perhaps I am going crazy, but if you take away all the work and the teachers and the..heh..unorthodox projectors you'd see that skool's pretty cool, if you've got people to talk to.

Come to think of it...if you take away all the housework, chores, and the rest of my family and leave me in a house all alone, Home's pretty cool too.

Oh, before I forget, I must apologize to Ryan. It seems my updates are too long for him. Ryan, I'm sorry I'm cutting into your FFXI time. Please forgive me.

"Do you remember when you were black?"

Why yes, uh, just the other and my crew were just bout to jack a liquor store...

No, no...thats ignorant. People who say things like that...ignorant. They're ignorant.

John's Party was awesome. Im still having like an Easter Egg Hangover but I vaguely remember...uh...Mardi Gras Beads....Caitlin ruining John's new a special guest appearance by Michael Jackson? Bring on the rum! Drinks all around!

...I know clap him in irons right?

I cried three times today. Once because Zach took my cards and hid them. I honestly thought they were gone. Now please understand that Ive been collecting these cards for a year and a half...and Ive invested a lot of time and money into them is pretty devastating to me. Meanwhile, my "friend" laughs as he watches me frantically search my bookbag, cursing myself for my lack of brain.

Secondly, for just no reason at all. We were playing cards, and nothing was funny. Absolutely nothing. But I couldnt stop laughing. I think Im losing my mind, honestly. All the stress of work and grades and people has driven me insane.

Third, was when Ms. Baker's Latin Projector, which I swear I've never seen before in my life, started going crazy. She was flipping through the slides before the audio tape got to the part it was showing, so the results were "uber" funny. For example:

"The Trojans landed at the island of Crete"
--Picture of a flying bird-woman with a terribly screwed up face

"The search of Italy"
--Picture of flying woman holding her claw out in a threatening manner...

It was just too funny. You had to have been there.

Yo Ganon, Good luck with everything. We're rooting for ya, and if all else fails at least you have a companion to the big hoop-di-doo...and then if all else fails at least you have that pretty Varsity keep you company on long lonely nights...

Hey Allison. How's golf? Tennis is fine, even though I was...whats the word Im lookin for...bamboozled...into taking it. "Oh we can be doubles partners..." In the words of lil Jon...Yeah OK.

The golf team doesnt have a cheer before our matches and it saddens me. I really think we should bang our $300 clubs together and shout rap songs at the top of our lungs. It'd be cool, no? Bring some class to the game...

Can you imagine? A bunch of rich white kids trying to sing Yeah...or Tipsy? Oh god.

You see that's ignorant. That's just very ignorant.

Lol, Ms. Baker has entrusted me, of all people, to read the introduction to the World Language Honor Society. Heh heh heh....what power.

My booming voice, it is my is my curse.

I wonder what we're having for dinner tonight? Sunny Jim isnt home to ask...well, it seems we have a choice between dry white bread, bubble gum, candy from Easter and Johns party, or perhaps I'll get lucky and she'll bring something home she conjured up. Eh, if worse comes to worse my sister is finally of decent size...

I'm too bony and tasteless...

Or maybe I turned too black.

I hope you all realize Im joking. I do actually know that we do have more than some people in this world. Yes, yes...the starving people of Ethopia...I know already! Just let me have my fun!!!

Speaking of Ethpoia, this computer is terrible! Yesterday, I had an update possibly larger than this one, and it locked up and froze with one random IM. Boy would I like to get my hands around that person's neck...

Ok wow, this is big enough to last a while. May's a really busy month for me (braces in T minus - 2 weeks) and the wonderful Prom and such. Hey Ryan, bet ya quit before you got down to here huh?

Johnny, your outta control!!! "Stop that! Now look at the dandelions, they're gonna grow all over!" Nah, I'm just kiddin, somebody needs to keep us children in line.

CYA ya little monsters

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Thursday, April 22, 2004


Hee hee...I dont really have much to put here, except my fourth block.

"Hey, Mrs. Dodge..uh..ball..."

"It's Dodge. I'm Mrs. Dodge..."

"Oh, well uh, your name on the board says..uh..Mrs. Dodgeball."

"Oh...I hear all kinds of things. Dodgeball, Dodge Ram....they call me all kinds of things. Anyway, you have to write three events, its a quiz grade, ten statements on the blue paper?, ten statements need to be written. Ten statements to be written for a quiz grade. Ten statements written on the blue paper."

This woman could give Mr. Wuzzardo a run for his money for reiterating the same thing. She read that paper, what, five times??? She reminded me of Umbridge, with a "sweet voice" but an attitude of "poisioned honey." She was quite crabby.

"No more giggling or snickering please."

Lol. If any of you have Mrs. Dodgeball, please tell her hi.

Oi, hey. Um, have any of you written a letter to your teacher in protest for the assigment given, in that assignment? Lol, I did. Ms. Baker, I wish I could see your face when you read it.

Ok I'm hungry. Adios.

CYA All of you who've suffered from my CHAOS EMPEROR DRAGON!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2004


I think it's ridiculous that no one's posted in weeks...Lol. Have our lives have become that dull? The sad answer is yes. We live in a bunch of fields, I hate to burst anyone's bubble. Look outside, nothing but trees and fields...

Hey, a special hi to my friend Chris from Texas!!!!

Got much snow down there? Haha, everybody laugh cuz there's no snow in Texas...therefore no snow days for Chris...

Um, ok, so my life...

In Kuhar's my grade has come up rather significantly. Im very happy.

We're taking Lacrosse in Gym. I was told that it makes one "hot and sweaty" and that is a reason why not to take the class...I pushed these words aside and took it anyway, after all its my fav gym class...Soon I was called monster, and beast and all these other dirogotory names due to being too good at the gym class i took. Now we're playing the game itself instead of silly drills, and Ive yet to score a goal. I want to so bad. My team's one plenty of games, but it's just I merely assist them, rather then lead them...kinda dissappointing.

It'd help if I didnt slip onto my bottom while certain people walked by.

...or if others wouldnt stick check like youll pay.

Latin, lol. Hmmm...where to start? If you are ever confronted by Ms Baker for not paying attention in her class because you are paying attention to something that actually has meaning in your life (for example, anything besides Latin), say you're looking up a Latin moment. It works nearly every time. Al and I had a pretty good deul in there the other day, while...uh...looking up Latin moments...

It's so much easier to pull at Baker's strings with John there. Thanks John.

Today was cool, cuz I got to watch a REAL sport. The track meet was different then other sports Ive watched. I liked it cuz you can talk to the "athlete"'s while they are waiting for their events, and it's the only sport I know of that allows spectators to walk across the field at their will. It was rather cold, but it was worth it. You did good Allison!!!..Err...IT's Well, isnt it? You did well Allison.

Hey! If you goto these Track Meets, I warn you. I saw one heck of a scary sight today. (NO its wasnt Ogre in a tight track suit even thou that was scary...), but it was Ms. Kuhar with the gun to start the races! Picture this if you will, your hyperactive pre-calc teacher carrying a gun around the track!!! Lol.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DONT UNDERSTAND!?!?!?!?!??!!" ::whips out track gun:: BANG

Scary, huh?

Ive been nominated for a leaderhsip luncheon MAy 7th...Le sigh. Now here's my May Agenda...

May 1st - Rita's thingy (not sure bout this)
May 7th - Leadership Lunch (Keyword there is free food)
May 10th - Parents Anniversary
May 12th - Braces come on (what fun!)
May 14th - PROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MAy ???? - Latin Induction, in which Ive been suckered to give a speech...
???????? - Honor Society Yard Sale

Ive got a golf tournament this weekend, Johns party, which I fought wit my parents to be able to go to..., and another fun-filled weekend as the "new kid" at the new crappy campground. Fun fun. Al, where's my palm pilot high-tech-super-organizer-thingy when I need it?

Ok I best goto bed, so I wake up in a pseudo-good mood, like i manage to scrape most days...

CYA members of Caitlin's little Insano Kingdom

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Tickler Stickler

Lol, wow I'm back. Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me for trying to take a Spring Break! Ok, I have something to say about them crap they try to tell us is Spring Break. A friend of mine had a week off in March and in addition, he got Friday and Monday off. OUR Friday and Monday. Now I thought he was lucky, but the general consensus of people had a much better Spring Break than we did. We had a Thursday off, and an Easter Break, not a Spring Break. Our Spring Break doesnt count if it either a) rains the whole time, or b) if other schools are getting off the same time.

Sometimes Id rather be in school, wait, am I crazy!?!?


Lol, um.......what to talk about? Hmmm, Im having trouble typing things that wont get me into trouble, I suppose Im safe talking about my day.

Pre-Calc, was I dreaming or did she actually stop like a half hour before class was over? Did I actually finish my homework in her class? Is Kuhar being......nice? Yheeek.

Gym, oh god. Ok, has anyone been made fun of for being too good at their activity? Zach left me in Lacrosse, and Zach, it seems like we're the only ones who know what we're doing in there again...But then again, they always get the hang of it by the time we get to games. No one else wanted to take that class cuz they didnt want to get hott and sweaty...and I suppose they had a point. My best friend, my Lacrosse stik, is making a triumphant return to CRHS tomorrow. Oh let the jests begin...

SERA. Ok who out there honestly cares about a border for a Prom invitation!?!?!? Who out there honestly feels like arguing for half an hour over a stupid song, which will be one of many songs played at the dance? Do I not care about any of this because Im a guy, or are these just trivial matters? Maybe Im just a crappy class officer but I think our class will take anything we give them, and complain about it as usual...

Lunch was enjoyable...well for me anyway. The poems in Omnium are pretty good. Allison and Ryan, your poems were really good...even thou I havent read them all yet...but thats not MY fault... X(

Jonesy, was pretty fun. I got all my work done and still got to play a bit of cards...Ok Al, you gotta be more careful when Comer comes in. Our class has been busted before for cards and so Mr. Jones said no one may play cards anymore, but he's being nice and letting Zak and I deul still cuz we were playing with paper for goodness sake. If we get busted again, Mr. Jones could get in a lot of trouble...

Um, Latin. Correct me if Im wrong but were we actually laughing in Latin class? Oh well of course Ms Baker didnt cause it but still...uh...something was funny. I WILL GET YOU SPIDERMAN....and your little girlfriend too....hahahaha. SINCERELY VENOM. And Zak's baby bottle joke was funny. Ah, speaking of LAtin I gotta go memorize those five other passages...

Well, no golf *tear tear* cuza the rain. Yeah, we play golf in any kind of weather. We dont want out season to get backed up, after all. We need experience in any element. Coach Foster is eagerly awaiting their conference matches. They are 3-1 beating rivals such as Delsea and BOYS TENNIS. CRHS TENNIS COULD BE IN TROUBLE, LOSING THEIR NUMBER ONE AND TWO TO GRADUATION. THEY HAVE NEVER LOST A CONFERENCE MATCH YET. Oh back to the golf article, um....what was I saying again?

Lol, thats my imitation of an article I read in the newspaper yesterday which started out to be about Golf and then switched abruptly to tennis, and then other was quite funny.

Is it so wrong to run suicide sprints for a track practice? After all, we had to run them in Basketball practice, and there's much more to basketball than running around in circles. Lol. I'm j/k of course to those who may be reading this thinking, 'How dare he talk about track? At least I play a REAL sport...unlike him. He should try running track one day, then he'd learn.' Hee hee hee, fat chance all you people thinking that! HAHA. Gimme my golf cart anyday, I'm not stupid, you dont see us running sprints.

I suppose you dont see many of us being all that athletic either.

Whaddya mean I play a sport? Im an athlete, what?


Harry Potter has a temper. I think it might get him killed one day. Whats he going to do when Dumbledore, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Tonks, Moody, Lupin, and Sirius arent around to save him from Voldemort anymore? Oh wait, Sirius is already dead.

Which Death Eater's gonna be stupid enough to kill Lupin, thus becoming the most hated character in the Harry Potter universe? Im geussing Mr. Malfoy....perhaps even little Malfoy.

All I can say is that JK best put some Quidditch back in there again. None of this Ron Keeper, Harry suspended crap. Give me some good ol' action Quidditch scenes, complete with Beaters beating, Chasers...chasing, and Harry seeking. Just like it used to be. Ooooo, if they cheap me outta my Quidditch again, I'm marching over to Britain and giving that cursed woman a piece of my mind. Whos coming with me!?!?!?

Yes, Ill march the whole way there. I can hold my breath.

How far will these cell phones, 'cuse me, cellies go? Are they really more than just a fad? Hmm, fooled me. Gimme one that can translate Latin and I'll think more highly toward them. Heck, I'd be their number one fan.

Super Smash Brothers is coming online!!!!!!!!!!!! April fools.

I want an X-Box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April fools.

FFXII is coming out...for Gamecube!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April fools.

Harry Potter VI is coming out this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April fools.

Im looking forward to prom, which is one month away!!!!!!!!!!! Gotcha.

In conclusion, I feel bad for those doing Mrs. Wilson's paper. Hahaha. Ive been through your pain, and have come through victorious. Hey, you people have problems? Im your solution. I'll be your Colt Connection, like I said, I have a tendency of wanting to hear about people's lives and then doing my best to help, even if all I can do is make them smile.....or....stop making them so angry. Lol.

Well, its time for me to go. Tomorrow I should be able to see my first track meet, mother doesnt have her way. I think I have to stay home and watch my Stupid sister again. Why does it seem like I'm the only one who has to put up with all this babysitting??? I told her to hire a babysitter cuz I'm watchin that track meet...but I have a feeling my order will go unheard...

Cya ya bunch of PaRappa the Rappas cept for Allison, she's a Lil Jon just cuz she's afraid of him.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Nothing To Post

Just a post to say I have nothing to post. I did yardwork all day today, but was it worth it? For me it was, but I'm not sure if my companion enjoyed the night as much as I did. "You sure you dont want anything?" I swear I've never seen anyone disrupt an entire resturaunt before like that...

Yesterday, I woke up at 1:30 PM, and stayed in my house all day. Yup, so thats my Spring Break. Beautiful huh? ...I need a life.

"You need to find yourself a girl, mate. Or maybe you already have..."
--Cpt Jack Sparrow

Cya "Easter Magic" Decorated Chocolaty 'N Smooth Crisp 'N Crunchy Chocolate Bunnies

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Darn I hate how you push one button on this page and then lose everything you just spent your time typing...

Anyway, what I was saying was I was trying to keep up with Al post-wise. Golf was great today. I missed a birdie putt!!!!!! Woulda been the first time ever in my life...Well, Not much to say today except for a little something.

Have you ever felt like you cant do anything right? I dunno, I was talking to someone today and it seemed that everything I do in their presence is wrong or I did it at the wrong time. Ok, maybe not everything, but certain things, that I regret doing now. It makes me wonder why this person even puts up with me...Sometimes I wish I could just change things I did or said, and so it never happened. But since this is not possible, I must accept the consequences of my actions as a man, and not try to weasel my way out of them. An example of one of these instances is in Pre-Calc. I wish I never "put my head down on my desk" because now whenever I have a question, I'll never hear the end of it. But since it was my stupidity, I have to deal with Kuhar's anger. That isnt what bothers me. I could care less if I annoy teachers. I regret annoying my closest friends.

I need to work out my imperfections, but part of that is recognizing what they are. I just hope patience doesnt run thin.

"Quidquid Latine Dictum Sit, Altum Viditur"

Someone told me that online, but I forget exactly what it means. The gist of it is "Whatever is learned in Latin is profound" or something along those lines. Help me out here Al...

Anybody know what the mini-golf place by the ice-cream stand is called?

Cya my Mario Bros and Sises

Sunday, April 04, 2004

More Life

Well it's me again. This weekend was busy! Geez lemme start wit Friday I geuss...

Friday afternoon, I stayed at my cousin, Brandon's house cuz he had this Church Breakfast he invited me to. I went to one of his Karate Lessons, it was pretty cool. John, I have enourmous respect for the abuse you can take in there! Lol.

Saturday Morning was that breakfast. Irving Fryer from the Eagles and Todd McCullogh from the Sixers was there. I'm not much of a breakfast person, but the danishes were good. Well, I stayed with my Dad for the 10-2 hours, before and afternoon I suppsose it'd be called. He had work to do at Pipco, so he showed me what he did every day, well, when I finally stopped sleeping in his truck. Well, another one of my family members is in a bad health condition. My Grandfather has Pnemonia because he became too seditary. So he's in the hospital. If worse comes to worse, this death, I'm more ready for than my cousin's, Grandpa's old and old people die pretty often, but...It'll still hurt. Everyone's optimistic, but I have a good feeling I'm not being told all the details again, because the optimism from everyone seems strained. Well we were late to the Marino Center thing cuz we were still visiting Grandpa, but I eventually made it.
To mirror Al's remarks, that place was absolutly nuts. Everything was fine if the people you were serving didnt order Pasta Federino or Feddicini, or a green or blue ticket, lol. The kitchen was a chaos zone, and I ended the night with...Luinguine up my arm, Canolli all over my shirt, Pasta stains on my front, and I suppose Canolli frosting on my pants...but those in Drama would be thrilled to call it "white stuff". The night seemed a success, it was funny to see our teachers try to dance. The people at my tables were great, they joked with me a lot, and I got a $20 tip! Of course I handed it to Mr. Riccuiti for our class, but it was nice of those people, esecially cuz we made them wait 30 mins for two Pasta orders. Lol, Stanley called me shorty cuz I was the tallest guy there. I have to put tallest guy and not tallest person cuz I think Trisha may be taller than me, and that scares me. Well, as the night ended, I was exausted and grumpy from all of my family issues...and I kinda took it out on someone I shouldnt have, but I hope that person knows I'm sorry.
What family issues you ask? Do you really want to know? Well, if you're a loyal reader, you know I've been having troubles with my mother. I told my Dad that story Saturday and he laughed about it. He cant believe she said what she said. Then my Grandpa is in the state I mentioned earlier. He's been asking for my Grandmother, his wife, the woman who's supposed to stick by him "in sickness and in health" and she wont come see him. In fact it was my household, the outcasts of our entire family because we dont attend church on a regular basis, who took/forced him to the hospital in the first place. So now my Grandmother is either working or "too tired" to visit her husband in the hospital. So in summation, My mom's terrible, my Dad just laughs about it, and my Grandma neglects my possibly near-dead Grandpa. There, those are my family issues, if you really wanted to know.
Seems I missed a party too. Oh well, cant make them all, thanx for trying to call John, but by that time, I was already at the Marino Center. Today, we visited some old friends from the old campground at their new campground, which is down the road from our new campground. Lol. It was cool to see Kermit again, and we deuled and traded a bit. My campgrounds boring, my parents are still evening out their contract there so, I basically fell asleep in the truck the whole time...Hey I didnt get to sleep in this weekend, ok!?! Then we stopped at Subway and I remembered reading about a Card Expo at the Cumberland Mall this weekend so I asked if we could go. Surprisingly, they stopped for me. Then I found out my Dad wanted to look at baseball cards...but...I still got to go, and it was pretty cool. The cards were pretty cheap. I ended up buying a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards and ended up with a pretty decent card, so the day was not a waste.
Pre-Calc's done. Did anyone else think that was asinine? Next time I go to the Grocery Store, Im gonna look at the best viewing window for my quintic regression to find out how a box of corn flakes compares to a gallon of milk. Yea, ok. Sometimes I feel like my life is wasted in that place...
Lol, if we're in the paper for the Marino Center thing, look for the Pasta sauce down my front, they took the pic after we were all knee deep in crap. Matter of fact, I had four tables to still serve dessert as i posed for that pic!
Ok this is long enough. Sorry, but that was my weekend! Im glad NOone showed up unexpectedly to screw me up! Lol. Being a waitor is cool though, its not that bad of a job.

Cya cocky little freaks