Friday, May 14, 2004

Did the Prom "Take My Breath Away"?

No. Im probably not going to be the only one who writes about the gay/straight/lameness of the prom. Is this the night we're all supposed to remember for the rest of our lives???

I imagined the prom to be more spectacular, glitzier, and not quite so crowded. In fact, the prom was no different than a regular $5 dance, except for dinner + fewer slow songs, which were to some...a good thing. THe dance floor itself is nothing compared to the openess of the gym floor, and all in all, I'd prefer a regular dance over this one.

Perhaps its because Im a sucky date, or maybe its because I just dont like dances and have absolutly no reason to, that I feel this way. Other people may say the prom was wonderful. Others very well may be having the time of their lives. I dunno, I think it's just because I make people miserable that I just dont have that much fun at these things.

CYA prom peeps


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