Tuesday, May 04, 2004


"Leo - ***

Tension builds among different facets of your life. Confusion runs amok, even with those you have had a clear understanding with. Realize that you might not find the answers immediately. You will greet greater affluence in the next few weeks and months."

My horoscope for today pretty much sums things up. I understand that some of you may be mad at me for my comment on Ryan's blog. Now, allow me to give you the reason for such a comment. I wrote it in SERA in response to a *joke* involving myself and others. Actually it was in response to multiple *jokes* that have been made over the last few weeks. While some *jokes* are funny, others just hurt or are extremely annoying or embarrassing to others. I understand that what I said hurt someone very much and I've apologized for it. It was not my intention for that to occur. I only wanted Ryan to see that his *jokes* were unappreciated as I mentioned to him before.

I'd like to echo what was said in Zach's blog about repeatedly calling people gay, joke or not. It makes people pissed regardless of who's smiling when the words are said. My comment was wrong, now I feel it is time for *joke*-sters to realize the same about what they say. You may hurt people day in and day out, without even knowing it.


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