Friday, May 21, 2004

The Roller Coaster

Things have been confusing lately. Ive been feeling up and down more frequent than a roller coaster. Ill start a day out totally happy and end it pissed at the world. Or vica versa. Yesterday was one of those days in which I felt crappy from morning til night.
A lot of things have just been bad, from my braces to my life in general. Im anxiously awaiting the end of school, so I can go to the campground I hate so much. There I will be all alone, with my thoughts and I'll be able to sort everything out and finally regain sanity.
Im sorry if Ive been crabby or subdued lately. It most likely wasnt your fault at the time. With Baker and school events *grumble...elections....()* and home getting out of hand and other concerns, I may not have been in the best of moods when youve tried to talk to me.
And so we come upon yet another wonderful weekend. Are you as "high as a light bill?" Lol.
It's hard to put a puzzle together when you're missing some of its pieces. So if you dont have all the pieces to this one, dont go looking for them. If you are able to complete the puzzle, then that's my fault and Im sorry for wasting your time with my problems.
Things will get better, it'll only take time.



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