Monday, May 24, 2004


is the disease I have. Lol.

I am pretty cool right now. Things have seemed to straighten out for the most part lately.

Holy Crap, schedule of upcoming events:
" Wednesday - Lincoln Douglass Debate
Thursday - Latin Trip
This weekend - Super BIG weekend at campground
June 4th - HARRY POTTER 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^ Classic Yugi vs Kaiba Rematch to take place somewhere in there
June 15-16 - Exams (No more school!!!!)"

Im hungry.

"Super Mario is not pleased." - Quote for today.

Wow, some election ceremony today, huh?

Ok, Well, ill update better later. Um, Ryan yea, insert that sentence here. I forgot what it was word for word so...

OK CYA Nutsoes.


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