Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Woah a Summerness update

Partied til 2...
Slept til 12...
Ate ice cream...

J/k, but I have been stayin up late and gettin up late, the only real advantage to not having a job. Ive also been poor, the disadvantage to not having a job. Good news is, Ive saved/scraped up enough money to get all the b-day presents I owe people....How to get them this stuff is beyond me but I do know that JULY 31 is coming really really soon. And Harry Potter isnt the only one who has a birthday on this date...

Speaking of Harry Potter, which Ive been reading a lot of lately, the 6th book's suggested title came out: 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince'. Oooo scary huh?

Not much to chat about, except if you havent ever seen the movie Radio, you should. I saw it a while back but it really opened my eyes when a similar situation occured at the campground this past weekend. I dunno, I think I acted differently then I would have cuz of this movie, and Im glad I did.

Does anyone even read these thingys anymore? I cant see comments at all, unless the computer fairy magically makes a new one appear. The good ol' financial chart has reached a new degree of low, with my mom being off work, and my dad taking an 'unexpected summer break' there's little income. So a new computer isnt really in reach anytime soon.

SAT scores are in. Hope you all got what you wanted, I didnt.

RYLA was fun, wish all of you who are going to conferences or Govenor's schools this summer the best. Good people are out there, you just gotta meet 'em first.

Whos going to give us the words of wisdom next year if Mrs. Kelk is the Superintendent!?!?! Superintendants are much to good and busy to deliver such petty words of encouragement every morning...Perhaps Mrs. Laster? Nah, then it'd be about Martin Luther King Jr or Malcolm X or something everyday...

Lookin forward to Becky's party. I miss all of ya's and I feel so outta the loop at the campground. My phone has decided if to not even show me that Ive missed a call if there's no signal and i get three bars or less out at the cg. Its quite annoying., so I apologize to all those trying to get in touch with me and it seems I am not responding.

OOO yea....Spiderman 2's out....oooo yea......Who wants to be the first to see it with me? Anyone anyone? Line starts.....here...lol.

O hey Zach, next time I see ya, tell me to tell you about the "new jokes" I acquired from RYLA, I'll forget to tell them to you on my own...

Well this is kinda a sucky update but its just to let you guys know that I miss ya, and I plan on seeing ya at Becky's, and hopefully other unscheduled events this summer, and keep trying to call me, Im bound to pick up sometime...Uh, Im really lonely at the campground cuz the kids there are all immature punks, so if you're on the outskirts of May's Landing (by the Hamilton Mall), pay me a visit at good ol' Country Oaks Campground. Ill be the sad kid sitting outside waiting for school to start again.

CYA summer luvers

Friday, June 11, 2004

Closing Time

Wow, things are winding down school-wise, and seems Im all alone online on a Friday night. Where is everybody? Lol.

Things are slowing up around here at home too, pretty soon we'll be packing up and moving out to the campground for the summer, which, among other things, means updates will be less frequent on here. But there probably wont be very much for me to write anyway besides, "I woke up at 12, ate some ice cream, swam, slept some more, partied til 2 in the morning, rinse lather and repeat." but if anyone really needs me, I'll have my cell phone with me 24/7 so...

Yes, I cant help but feel uncomfortable, as I sign yearbooks and write, "Can you believe we're gonna be seniors???" for the millionth time. Seniors. Quoting Spiderman here, "These are the days in which a young man grows up to become who he will be for the rest of his life." - Ben Parker, before he croaked. Now Im wondering, am I satisfied with being this way for the rest of my life? Disappointing / disatisfying / surpressing / frustrating / infuriating people??? Le sigh, too much to think about.

I just realized how much I zone out while riding in the car. I dont even think to pay attention to how Im being driven or how good of a job the driver is doing. Which scares me because will I zone out like that when Im a driver? Ooooo...shivers...

Yearbook Club, whatre you thinking?!? Im just waiting for them to screw up their own page...We have freshmen girls turning into senior boys, JCL kids whose names are mysteriously the same as Omnium's...The Boys Cross Country team has some strangely feminine names...and the Girls' some rather manly ones...CRHS's lovely non-existant Science and English departments...pictures of plays done 3 years ago...or pictures of plays that have already been in the yearbook, thus cramping the ones that you are actually in!!!!!......a half of page blank picture of the Ski club while there is a 1 by 2 inch pic of the 50 JCL kids. Meanwhile there is another half-page pic of the 8 German Honor Society kids........And about a million more mistakes that Im just too lazy to point out right now.

Whats up with Baker lately? "We're still working til the end" turned into "Lemme use these kids for slave labor to clean my stuff so I dont have to." Honestly, a decision between review or cleaning which is basicaly goof off for 84 minutes...what do u thnk we'll pick woman!?! X-Men...Exam Stuff is gonna rock on Monday.

O man, people are online now! Yay!!!!!!!! Ok guys, cya later. Have great weekends, Ill be Pow-Wowing with my Native American tribe, yippeee.....not. A weekend of crap...blegh.

CYA soon-to-be-seniors

Sunday, June 06, 2004


Well lots of things have happened indeed since I last wrote...let's see here.

Rec Games is the worst Gym Class Ive ever taken, and Im never taking it again. There Ive said it. Horseshoes are fun for 10-15 mins, Bocci ball is fun for about 2 minutes. Then you realize you've been standing in a field for an hour throwing metal objects that were originally on horses' feet or little extremely bludger-like balls around in the grass. You also realize by now that you have no life.

That outta the way, hmmm...Been playing a lot of fighting games lately to exert my anger. Since I choose not to kick out TV's and such, playing video games is my best outlet to prevent myself from screaming at my mother whose decided to be quite the Dr.-Mom-drill-sargeant-from-Hell recently. But....you can only play so many times before that doesnt work anymore. And so, Friday I decided to throw a fit in ym room and destroyed what little order there was in there. Quite stupid, I know, but effective and it has yet to be cleaned up.

Things did get better when I got outta the house. SAT's and Al's party were definitely good breaks in my yesterday. The SAt's seem to get faster with everytime I take them, and this time Im really hoping for over 1200!!!

Al's party was fun, as always. With Soul Calibur and DDR, who can go wrong??? That movie was a bit strange but it was funny. Stuffing that little boy in the ass's @$$....priceless..."I had a hat." Lol.

Oh and then I was maliciously attacked by this wild animal. ::Steve Irwin voice:: Cranky, this thing was vicious. It stands at about 5' nothing, has a squeaky little voice, an evil glare, and a threatening shake of the fist. This beast is prone to attack at the slightest whim, with objects commonly called pillows. Then the beast will call for its other beastly friend to attack and its all downhill from there.

Yes Caitlin and Emily are these animals. And PILLOW FIGHT II 2004, ended with the same result as the first, with me beating everyone's butts. Someone did remark that i couldnt fight but....I challenge that person to a fight anytime anywhere...and I wont hold back Missy.

Lol, saw Harry Potter today. Its super nifty cool! Though I dunno which show I enjoyed more, Prisoner of Azkaban or Allison's driving. Both were highly amusing and entertaining. How can you let a handicapped....handicapped person pass you like that!?! Lol. Then the jerk goes and pulls up next to you with his 70-year-old "lady friends" he was speedin off to pick up.

Well thats about my weekend. Ooooo, Smarty Jones. Smarty Smarty Smarty.....We cant blame Smarty Jones for losing at Bellmont. He was merely doing what any sporting franchise from Philadelphia would do. Make it as close as possible to winning/playing in a championship, get the entire deleware valley/Pennsylvania/Country's hopes up and shatter them to billions of pieces. Smarty, you join the Flyers, Eagles, and Phillies on the list of losers. Dont worry Philadelphia, without losers, there are no winners. But now what are all those people going to do with their Smarty hats and shirts? Whats Al going to do with all those Smarties he bought???

Well that about wraps it up for me. I missed YuGiOh this weekend, and have somehow become addicted to the Addams Family Marathon on TV Land, but in the long run, this was a good weekend. Lets have another one sometime!

CYA sock 'em boppers

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A Lesson

I learned a lesson today, one I should have learned a month ago. One I should have learned three years ago. One I never seem to be able to just...learn.

"You can never take back the things you say."

This is my greatest fault. The root of my stupidity. My weakness, my Kryptonite.