Thursday, July 22, 2004

Greetin's from 'Arry Potter, lol.

Hey all you blue collar workers, I hear you all have jobs now, and paychecks, and cars and such!

What is this! I leave you for one month, ONE month and you all grow up on me!?!? Ridikkulus, utterly proposturous. Shame on all of

Im so happy to be home for...uh...24 I saw Johnny!!!!!! But I was so excited to see them, even Joe! Thats how bad it is at that campground. I miss you guys a lot, it's to the point where I (insert laughter and poke fun at me here) want to go back to school...

I feel so boring on the phone cuz I dont have much to talk about because I havent really done much of anything lately...I dunno...I dont feel like I can hold up my end of phone conversations anymore, lol. But just hearing stories about what people are doing outside that campground is worth it.

My favorite past time: CLimb the Gameroom, sit on the roof and watch the pretty cars go by.

My 2nd favorite past time: Taking the 2 hour route back to my campground from the Hamilton Mall which is only supposed to be about 25 minutes away...(Long story)

Anyone start their summer reading yet? Show of hands...anyone...anyone? Anyone even get their books yet? Lol...

How can a school issue books for you to read, and then run out of them two weeks after school lets out?! Its tyranny! Its a lack of supply and demand! Its an outrage, not I gotta buy two books that Im forced to read that I'll probably end up hating that I'll never read again and so they'll just sit there...unused...and itll be all CRHS's fault. Pooey on them I say.

Yay! A college called me to tell me to visit cuz they liked my SAT scores...I feel loved :) though, it must be a junky college to act like an 1190 is all that great...Scratch one off my

Yay bought stuff from the mall, thats rare. Lol. Bought MVP Baseball 2004 for G-Cube, the 1019 memory card (cuz MLB took up about...400 blocks of memory, 360 i think is the exact number, lol), A Harry Potter shirt (couldnt
find my ravenclaw one ::cries::, no Allison Im not stealing your style...), Linkin Park's first CD (bout time), and thats about it.

Im planning on buy Super Smash Bros Melee (again, bout time) but...I cant help looking at/and playing SpiderMan 2, grrrr game's addicting. Something about climbing to the top of the Empire State building and jumping off gets me...Lol. I have heard it gets redundant, Nintendo even admits this in their magazine. This makes me weary about the game...for $50, it better last me a good amount of time, and knowing my situation of boring lonliness at the campground and my habit of non-stop gaming, Im afraid this wouldnt be the case...

Well, that does it for me. Dont forget to gimme a call sumtime, I'll try my best to get to the phone (weather pending, lol). Now, if I have less than one bar of signal, in other words no signal, the phone will not transmit any call. So if it seems I am ignoring you, I am not, its just you called at the wrong place at the wrong time. Try again later! Lol.

Ok my friends, I must be off. Im glad I could update you all on the nothingness of my life. If some of you are a little depressed right now, Im sorry for your pains. Oh, John, I know I havent seen you in ages, but I'll cya sometime, Im sure. Sorry to hear about your truck, by the way. Ok time for me to make like a tree and get outta here.

CYA from my frozen ice block in the middle of Nowhere, NJ