Monday, September 27, 2004

Batman Returns


SOMEONE'S ACTUALLY LOOKING HERE?! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Im back form outta space.

I could fill in alllll these details about my post-summer, return to civilization but I've summed it up in todays quote of the day.

Bio Teacher: "C'mon! This is fun!"
Me: "If by fun you mean raking our eyes out onto the desk...."
Bio Teacher: "Mr. JAckson! Surely that wasnt directed to me..."
Me: " was directed toward my desk..."
BIo Teacher: "...even if it is directed to me, I think I may have to see about counseling or some kind of 'Colt Connection' for you."
Me: ::embarrassed and smiles:: "Yeah maybe..."

Ok, wasnt that fun? Let's try something else. Lol.

Im so excited to be back here, everyone's so busy! I leave you with this awesome quote:

"The Playstation2 eats small children and the XBox will give you brain trauma if it falls on your head."

--So true...

CYA Brain Trauma Child-Eaters