Monday, October 25, 2004


For those of you kind enough to ask me how I was today, two things:
1) Thanks for your concern
2) I apologize that I lied to you and said I was fine

It's just that it seems to me everybody gets a certain amount of day(s) per year to be bad for them. Either a report gets deleted, or something gets stolen, or bad hair day, whatever...Today seemed to be my day.

It all boils down to these damn college applications. The Deadline for Early Action is November 1st which meant I had until Monday to complete my essays that need to be done. With that in mind, let's go on a play-by-play of my wondefully crappy day:

- Woke up and my clock said 7:18. School starts at 7:30, making this the second day I'd missed the bus in a row.
- I later saw that the time was an hour fast and it was in fact 6:18, but that is not until I panicked, thinking about how to get my parents awake in about 5 minutes to take me to school. I had accidently set the clock an hour ahead the night before in setting the alarm and I happened to leave my watch downstairs.
- Morning disaster, semi-averted, I decide to leave for the bus earlier so I dont really miss it, at about 6:45. And I wait. And wait. And wait............until about 7:26. Second week in a row that the bus driver decided not to come one of the days. And second day in a row my father had to take me to school, and I had to sign into attendance, etc. I could just tell the annoyance in the air from him because the ride there was silent. I believe I was marked absent, so today may not have even counted for me.
- First block, my wonderful biology teacher slapped us with some project report thing due: You guessed it, November 1st. Luckily, she moved it back a day, night isnt enough to get this thing done. Also, I got to be an ass on a marker board, which may have pissed her off toward me, who really cares at this point.
- Second block, by this point i realized that in all my rush to get to school this morning, I lft my gym clothes at home to get washed. That's an automatic -30 on your Participation grade, basically severely damaging your grade for that gym now I had to come up with a plan before Gym fourth block. Oh, did I mention our sub was Mrs., the lady who reiterates everything twenty times?!? Yea, and Mrs. Bowen actually left work, more than we've ever done since she was actually there.
- SERA I volunteered to sell our Senior shirts. Personally, I think they're horrible, I was against all aspects of them, the motto and the color. Looking through the eyes of my classmates, I knew there would be those who felt the same way. And Im sorry to say I was right, everybody seemed to hate them, and nobody really seemed interested.
- Third block we took a quiz I most likely got another B on, we learned new stuff that I dont think I'm going to understand. Then, we got one of the biggest assignments since the beginning of the year. After Lucky me, and I was thinking about skipping all work this week. My miserable mood luckily didnt lead to any sarcasm from/with Kuhar, because that doesnt make a day any better...
- Lunch nothing happened, there was a lot of talking, but I ate and tried to finish my Calculus which...didnt happen.
- Fourth block at last, my plan was to get out of gym with a Guidance excuse ( I did have my School Report/Transcript stuff to send in, and Hannold's great for going on and on with to waste time) and my second plan would be to go to the nurse. If I wasted about...10 minutes of class, they wouldnt make me change. Well Hanzawa wasnt there, leaving me with Wuzzardo to deal with. He was also my Lacrosse teacher for the unit so now Id be killing two birds with one stone. He gave me the whole where's your pass routine and after pretending to look for it, I just said it was lost. He asked for the nature of my visit and after some time let me go.
- Ran into Mr. Jorgenson who gave me a hard time about my Rotary Luncheon Permission Form. Its due Thursday, and Ive been meaning to get it done. I just...havent yet. Mrs. Hannold was busy so she talked to me for like ten minutes and then kinda shooed me away. So I walked around to my locker and then around the school again to the boys bathroom, then back to the Gym, trying to avoid Mr. Jesse, the only security gaurd who cares about passes. I made it back to the gym about ten more minutes later, making a total of twenty minutes out of gym. I got back and Mr. Wuzzardo was just handing out our Written tests, normally, Id be mad cuz I hadnt studied, but it was lacrosse, Id taken it 7 or 8 times already.
-We took our test in the Alternate Gym, and then went outside. I dunno why, but I left my bookbag in that Gym because no one was in there and I needed a place to put my stuff...I had to sit out for Lacrosse, not being dressed but at least this didnt count against me. When I went back to the gym, I went to my bag and found every compartment open with my house key sitting on a strewn stack of my binders/books. To top my day off, someone had tried to rob me, reminding me of how stupid I was by laying the key to my house on my bag in plain view. I felt like my stuff was just so dirty after that, I dunno, I just packed it all up, sighed and continued onward and out to Drama practice.
- Practice was practice...Im losing patience with the "inmates" wasting time with their frequent new ideas and...over-enthusiasm. Its just sometimes their jokes arent funny and their playfulness only delays rehearsals, and today was just one of those days. I felt a little better though after running through my part and getting some of my lines committed to memory.
-...that is until I got home but that's another story for another person to read, lol. ;)