Monday, November 15, 2004

Happy Birthday Christine!

Today...(well yesterday if you count the fact that its definately 12:06 AM) is my good friend Christine fron Texas's birthday and since I didnt get to talk to her all day I wanted her to see that I remembered (which is an accomplishment). So Happy Happy Happy Birthday Christine! May your insane ramblings continue for many more years to come!!! Oh and plus your a jerk for making me come online this late on a school nite, looking for you and of course your not online to wish happy birthday to while its still your birthday you total jerkface jerk. Lol. For everyone else out there, you too can recieve special birthday wishes...just keep telling me what day it is so I actually remember...

CYA everyone else who this post doesnt apply to

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Let the Ug...ness stop!

K, everyone seems to be slowly getting better after those last two weeks of...I dont even know what to call them. All I know is, Im not the only person who seemed to be having problems last week, and Im sorry for that.

I know my lunch table who once was peaceful enough to watch a movie with each other has turned into a warzone, with everyone mad at everyone else at one point in time. I think things are back on track as of yesterday and Im glad we can have regular good lunches again.

For me, this week has been almost as bad as last with Drama practices that seem to result in little progress (I know Mrs. Harrison would've run the entire show at least once before there was one month left). It's a race to see which class I can fail first, AP Bio or Calc...Everyone says dont let one test or quiz grade get you so upset, but its not just one, it keeps happening. What they should say is dont let one quiz or test grade get you so happy, because that would fit my case much more.

Ok, well let's all take time this long weekend to just forget whatever's happened these past two weeks and let it go. I fell asleep yesterday at about 6 right after Drama and didnt wake up until 8:30 this morning (missing Case Closed again, darnit!). That helped a lot with my recent ever flexible moods. Now Im waaaaaaaaay too hyper thou. Ok, well I think I have some yardwork to catch up on, plus Im gonna try to get some stuff that's due Wednesday done.

Cya NJ Conventioners

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

More Bad

Just for the record , I wanted to state that I just finsished the Biology Project. Oh and don't adjust your time settings, I really am going to be getting up in about 3 hours and ten minutes. Sorry, last week's badness stretched into this week. At least I can brood all day Thursday and Friday. Well if Im mentally dead tomorrow, here's why.