Monday, December 13, 2004

Dark Horizon

I just cant shake the feeling that something bad is coming.

Here are some of the reasons why:
  • It always seems natural for teachers to pile work on us right before a holiday. Now Christmas is the King fo all Holidays so, why not?
  • Lots of people (including myself) are on edge about college
  • Lots of people have their own personal problems to deal with
  • Lots of people become easily agitated with other people because of reasons two and three
  • Kuhar's sarcasm level in class has dropped to dangerously low levels. Im afraid she's going to explode one day.
  • Three more days left of gym, then everybody and their brother is going to be carrying around decorated sugar bags for health class
  • Husband's lab is strangely due too early. Just enough time to smack us with a test on the day before break
  • Thats my main conern. All the teachers have given us major stuff, now. Two weeks before break. That gives them just enough time to load our derrieres with all this stuff due last minute. Now I know you Cristaudo people have a research paper due this week too. Dont you find it strange that its due now and not then? I hardly believe the teachers are going to give us next week off. I see Major Examinations in our future, except for in Calc cuz we're getting our THT's this weekend...

Well maybe I'm being paranoid. For some reason quite I few people have been getting on my nerves too lately. But oh well, Christmas will come and everyone will be happy again. The new mice that decided to live in my basement will be dead. Everythings going to be a ok.

Someone asked why my blog's all black now. It's because half the time when I'm writing in here, this is my mood. Why would somebody take someone else's Biology book and do Heaven-knows-what with in the boy's locker room!? Are people that retarded that they have to screw around with other people's stuff and wreck it? And the fact that no one can safely leave their belongings in those Gym Locker Rooms without returning to have them rooted through is just sad. Another thing that's sad is how I don't allow myself to say certain things, because I'm afraid of what someone might think. Or how I say somethings and mean the total opposite of what I said. It's sad when I cant listen to my headwhen it comes to my heart. Or my heart when it comes to my head.

Cya - 12 more days


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, I was just wondering what you meant by what you said about not listening to your heart and your head? What do you mean , Harry? It sounds deep.

your friend.....hehe
"Wait Harry!"

December 20, 2004 at 7:52 PM  
Blogger Hidden Insanity said...

Darkness surrounds the most beautiful of minds and I will be the light that guides it through the darkest of times. A hand held high for you to find, leading you through the fog of life and out into the openness of love.

((A little something to keep your mind off things...))


December 22, 2004 at 11:31 AM  

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