Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Oasis

First of all, this isnt one of those confused, angsty, pissed off at the world posts that have been, unfortunately, filling the space of this blog. I think it's a shame that I have only been posting in here when I am feeling agitated or upset. It does help to type and vent out my feelings here, but not every post can be bad.

And so, here is the oasis. The refresher post, when I can actually type that I am ok. I am pretty good as of right now. School work is piling up because the Semester's ending soon. Exams are coming up. Model Congress is two days away. Mock Trial is a few weeks from now as well. But for some reason, things are good and I'm not going to stop to ask why.

I laugh at myself because I should be angry at the fact that I've been losing a lot of things lately. One of those things being my folder full of college applications that I was supposed to fill out soon. I lost my green pen that I really liked. I lost a piece of an application that I've been trying to fix lately. But oh well. C'est la vie. I found a different really cool pen. I finished everything else for that application I had to fix. My parents have been really great since Christmas. I have my own key ring for my mom's car now. None of my friends are mad at me. I just got a bunch of great letters from Christine, my pen pal. I have an A in AP Biology. I have gotten above a 31 on all of my recent Calculus Quizzes. I havent been getting pissed off at Ms Kuhar. I only have five days left of Health. Things are really looking up.

Well, I have to go finish my last Health project ever. It's stupid, yes, but it isnt enough to ruin my mood. It's like that scene in Spiderman 2 where Peter Parker's walking around to "Raindrops are Fallin on my Head." Things are good...for now, let's just hope this can last for a while.

CYA Batman fans


Blogger Hidden Insanity said...

Sorry I didn't comment earlier, but when I was planning on doing it... I had been doing about three things at once... lol. So, here I am. :) Glad everything is going well right now. :D 'Cause I luff you! lol. Ok... It's really hot right now... so i'm going. lol.

And, my work here is done. :D


January 22, 2005 at 12:32 AM  

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