Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Four Letter Word from...

Every superhero has a weakness.
Superman has Kryptonite. Spiderman has his mouth. Iceman has burning buildings. Batman has his ATM Machine...

My weakness is a four-letter word which was designed to destroy me.

The Prom.

This past week has been ruined by the Prom. I have a good feeling many more weeks will be ruined by...the Prom. This social gathering for the upperclassmen is the much beloved gem of one's high school career...for some people. For others, like myself, Prom is a night that has become painfully over-glorified. I'd avoid the event altogether if I could...

...but "it's your Senior Year."

If I hear that phrase one more time, I think I'm gonna explode. I know it's my senior year of high school. My last year there. I KNOW THAT. I haven't been going to the same multi-colored prison for four years for nothing.

I understand the concept of making memories now, so they'll last a lifetime. Enjoy the time left, because it goes by so quickly. All these concepts are great, especially over milk and cookies and sitting under a pretty rainbow. But once you factor in AP Exams, research papers, scholorship applications/interviews, and then preparations for the retarded Prom, the memories you make quickly become miserable ones.

I've never been a big fan of dances. I went to them when I was young and stupid and paid money to sit and watch others make fools of themselves.

"Why don't you go enjoy yourself too?" You ask?

If ramming into some girl to crappy music for four hours is considered dancing, truth be told, I'll pass. It's not even worth it to just come to listen to the music because it's all music you could hear at home or on the radio.

I suppose companionship is necessary in order to understand all aspects of the Prom. But companionship and me really don't mix, and despite all recent efforts, I'm not looking anytime soon. It's amazing how much a date to a dance like the Prom complicates things...arrangements, pictures, costs...It also has a play on your emotions, even if you're going with someone as friends. As someone in my 3rd Block put it, going "stag" is probably the easiest way to get to the prom without any kind of entaglements beforehand.

However, Mr. "Stag", be prepared to spend a night either on the hunt or at your table by yourself or among other "Stags" who failed like you did. You may be joined by dates that aren't going so well, and all of you can reflect on the fact that at least you've had a decent $45 dinner. Oh, and thats before you add up the $100+ tux you had to wear just to eat that lovely meal. However, you should be glad you went and made memories and enjoyed yourself (eating a $145+ dinner alone).

Whatever I choose to do for the prom, I know I'm going to be miserable either way. I still fail to see how my choice affects some of you as much as it seems it will, but I fail to see a lot of things at times. Dancing is something you're built with or you either like or dislike. I don't ask you why you like to go to these events, so don't ask me why I do not.

All of you should enjoy your Proms. Make those memories, lavish in the time we have left. It's your Senior Year!!! It will be just another dinner I'll try my best to forget.

Superman, pass the Kryptonite.

Cya Pokry Promers