Thursday, June 09, 2005

Lost Faith

Ugh. Why are people so stupid!? Why cant we all just be civil to one another? Instead, we get off making ourselves feel better than other people by making fun of them. Or by taking their valuable things. Things that belong to THEM, and that are very precious to them, and that they worked very hard to have.

Why didn't I just take the damned thing with me? Or better yet, why did I have to hide my emotion for it from the entire world? I mean the fucking retard that had the thing was right there, in the room with me. Right there the second and third time I asked for it. Right there when I begged and peaded and said I'd never be able to get it back. Right there when I put it down in the first place.

Now I think I have some chance to get it back. A false hope that retreats everytime I think about someone else playing MY DS. MY Games. Games that I bought, that my parents gave ME, my entire Christmas...gone and now in the hands of some undeserving fuck. I can see them now, so satisfied of their little theft, enjoying the spoils.

I was too stupid to think I was among people who I could trust. I was too stupid to trust anyone at all in the first place. And now I pay the price. My Yearbook is empty, I wasted the time for people to sign it while I had to look at the Security Tapes of my entire day. I wasted that time while I watched the minutes tick closer and closer to the final bell of the day, and closer to never seeing my DS again.

I hate people. When we're young, we're so innocent. We've never been hurt, never hurt, never loved, never been in love, never cursed, or smoked, or drunk alcohol, or did drugs. We're so incredibly pure and naive. I'm stupid for thinking I was among individuals who held my same sense of morals.

There are no morals in this world anymore. There's no reason for me to hope that I'll even meet anyone for me. I hate what this world's come to, so far from God's original plan.


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