Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Summer Lovin'

That may have already been one of my post titles...but oh well.

Howdy ya'll! In case you didn't know: It's summer!!!

Well now, let's see where to start this post. The real reason behind it is not to announce it's summer, but to mention how crazy the campground my mom works at will be this coming weekend. For some reason, fourth of July just sparks some kind of hormone in these children that drives them to try to "get with" anything on two legs. I mean honestly, people say Woodstock is bad, but fourth of July down at the campground....woo boy! I mean there's drunkenness, nakedness, rumorness, dramaness, fighting-ness, people setting off illegal fireworks...uh, illegally-ness, and just all around crazy stuff goes on fourth of July. It's kinda the pinnicle of the camping season.

...I'll be calling bingos for old people and helping little kids paint a bunch of figurines my July fourth. However, I'm countin down the days 'til our family vacation down to Orlando, Florida!!!! Yay! Oooo, tomorrow I have to flip my pokemon wall calander too...i need to remember to do that....ANY ways, we're leavin July 10th and comin back the 17th. Its gonna be mucho fun.

Will I be affected this year by the Fourth of July bug? No. But it was a good try. Seeing as I dont drink, smoke, own illegal fireworks, and arent looking for a quick weekend "get with" fix....there's little fourth of July will bring for me except headaches and $$$.

Anybody know a good game to get for my new blue Nintendo DS?

Cya R2-D2s


Blogger Hidden Insanity said...

Well, I certainly do hope you had fun your July 4th. I got to spend mine w. my friends... well, two of them ((Kris and Gis)), something i've never been able to do. :) Oh... why don't I just tell u what happened in my blog!? Well duh!

haha XD

July 5, 2005 at 11:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


..haha, I know I haven't read this in a while...but you are slacking, golden boy...hahaha! Hope to see you on Weds! prepare for the dunk tank...cause you'll be in it!!!!!!

- golden girl

August 2, 2005 at 11:36 AM  

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